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VC for RB Posting- Ex Cadre Post

File No.



Date of issue

Closing date from date of issue

ERB-I/206/3/5 ATCO-I Railway Board 11.06.2018 10.08.2018
ERB-I/2014/2/40 Sr. Accounts Officer/AC-I Railway Board 08.05.2018 29.05.2018
ERB-I/2018/3/3 Assistant Director/Mil Rail Railway Board 09.05.2018 21 Days
ERB-I/2014/2/40 AAO Railway Board 28.03.2018 14.05.2018
ERB-I/2011/2/23 CRO(Rates) Railway Board 15.03.2018 24.04.2018
ERB-I/2016/3/5 ATCO-I Railway Board 02.02.2018 06.04.2018
ERB-I/2013/2/25 Dy.Director/Stat(CA) Railway Board 15.12.2017 15.02.2018
ERB-I/2014/3/1 OSD/TP Railway Board 01.09.2017 16.10.2017
ERB-I/2011/2/23 Commercial Research Officer (Rates) Railway Board 23.08.2017 23.08.2017
ERB-I/2017/3/2  Assistant Director(Admn) NRM Railway Board 10.08.2017 03.10.2017
ERB-I/2013/2/5 DD/Stat(CA) Railway Board 08.08.2017 25.09.2017
ERB-I/2016/3/2 Assistant Traffic Manager (Emergency Control) Railway Board 28.07.2017 15.09.2017
ERB-I/2016/3/5 ATCO-I Railway Board 10.07.2017 25.08.2017
ERB-I/2014/2/40  Filling up the ex-cadre gazetted Jr.Scale/Group'B' posts of Assistant Accounts Officer in Railway Board Railway Board 04.07.2017 04.08.2017
ERB-I/2011/3/8 Assistant Library and Information Officer/NRM Railway Board 01.06.2017 26.06.2017
ERB-I/2016/3/2 Assstant Traffic Manager(Emergency Control) Railway Board 30.05.2017 23.06.2017
ERB-I/2013/2/5 DD/Stat(CA) Railway Board 09.05.2017 29.06.2017
ERB-I/2011/3/8 Assistant Library and Information Officer NRM 10.04.2017 26.05.2017
ERB-I/2016/3/2 ATM(Emeergency Control) Railway Board 03.04.2017 22.05.2017
ERB-I/2014/3/5 AEE/EEM Railway Board 24.11.2016 13.01.2017
ERB-I/2016/3/3 OSD(TC) Railway Board 22.11.2016 28.12.2016
ERB-I/2016/2/44 Dy.Director(Punctuality) Railway Board 25.07.2016 25.08.2016
ERB-I/2007/3/20 OSD (TT) Railway Board 12.07.2016 26.08.2016
ERB-I/2016/3/2 Assistant Traffic Manager(Emergency Control) Railway Board 02.06.2016 18.07.2016
ERB-I/2013/3/2 JCRO(Rates) Railway Board 03.05.2016 45 Days
ERB-I/2011/3/8 Assistant Library & Information Officer/NRM Railway Board 18.04.2016 Latest by 03.06.2016
ERB-I/2014/2/66 Deputy Director/Mail Rail Railway Board 18.11.2015 30 Days
ERB-I/2014/2/70 (Pt.) Assistant Commissioner (Movement) Railway Board 16.11.2015 30 Days
ERB-I/2014/2/70 Assistant Commissioner (Movement) Railway Board 25.08.2015 30 Days
ERB-1/2015/3/4 Assistant Accounts Officer (Budget) Railway Board 24.07.2015 45 Days
ERB-I/2015/2/32(VC-09) DD/I&S Railway Board 06.07.2015 30 Days
ERB-1/2011/3/8 Assistant Library and Information Officer/NRM Railway Board 02.07.2015 14.08.2015
ERB-1/2014/2/66 DD/Mil Rail Railway Board 20.02.2015 30 Days
ERB-1/2014/2/74 Deputy Legal Adviser Railway Board 26.12.2014 60 Days
ERB_1/2014/2/70 AC(Movement) Deptt. of Fertilizer 03.12.2014 30 Days
ERB-1/2013/3/2 JCRO(R) Railway Board 12.11.2014 45 Days
ERB-1/2014/2/66 DD/Mil Rail Railway Board 11.11.2014 30 Days
ERB-I/2011/2/11 Editor/Bhartiya Rail Railway Board 23.09.2014 17.11.2014
ERB-I/2014/3/1 OSD/TP Railway Board 03.09.2014 45 Days
ERB-!/2014/2/40 PAO & SAO-II Accounts 25.08.2014 30 Days
ERB-I/2014/3/6 ASTE(RE) S&T(RE) 14.08.2014 45 Days


Pay and Accounts Officer
Assistant Accounts Officers



15 days



Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 12-06-2018  

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