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Circular No. Letter No.





Expression of Interest (EOI) - Cold Chain. -
FM-19 2010/TC(FM)/11/14 Precaution for prevention for fire incidences in the SLR of Passenger Carrying Trains 31.08.10
FM-18 2010/TC(FM)/25/4 Automobile Freight Train Operator(AFTO) Scheme. 19.07.10
FM-17 2005/TC(FM)/11/4 Standard composition of rake size of Parcel Special trains consisting Parcel Vans (VPHs/VPs/VPUs/VPHUXs etc.) 23.06.10
FM-16 2009/TC(FM)/14/2 Development of Automobile and Ancillary Hub 16.06.10
FM-15 2008/TC(FM)/14/2 Private Freight Terminal (PFT).(Corrigendum) 14.06.10
FM-14 2008/TC(FM)/14/2

Private Freight Terminal (PFT).

FM-13 2008/TC(FM)/25/4

Special Freight Train Operator(SFTO) Scheme.

FM-12 TC-II/2046/08/MWC

Revision of Minimum Weight Condition for Mangoes when loaded in BCN/BCX/BCNA wagons.

FM-11 2010/TC(FM)/10/1

’Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy’ i.e. Policy for leasing of Parcel space of Brakevans (SLRs), Assistants Guard’s Cabin(AGC) and leasing of Parcel Vans(VPHs/VPs/VPUs) on round trip basis.

FM-10 TC-II/2077/08/1

Review of policy regarding advance booking of luggage on passenger tickets

FM-08 TC-II/2046/08/MWC

Revision of Minimum Weight Condition for Mangoes when loaded in BCN/BCX/BCNA wagons

FM-06 2009/TC(FM)/10/15

’Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy’ i.e. Policy for leasing of parcel space of Brakevans (SLRs), Assistant Guard’s Cabin (AGC) and leasing of Parcel Vans (VPHs/VPs/VPUs) on round trip basis

FM-05 TC-II/2046/06/1

Rationalization of rates for parcel traffic-methodology for reckoning the percentage utilization of SLR to determine categorization of each train for the purpose of charging freight for parcel and luggage traffic

FM-04 TC-II/2026/10/01

Indian Railway Conference Association, Coaching Tariff No. 24, Part IV containing rates tables for certain descriptions of coaching traffic

FM-03 2009/TC(FM)/10/15.

?Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy? i.e. Policy for leasingnt Guard?s Cabin (AGC) and leasing of parcel space of Brakevans (SLRs), Assistaof Parcel Vans (VPHs/VPs/VPUs) on round trip basis.

FM-02 TC.II /2080/2008/1 Maximum number of pigs to be loaded in Parcel Vans (VPs/VPXs/VPUs/VPHs, etc.) 02.02.2010
FM-01 2009/TC(FM)/11/15 Policy for implementation of pilot project under Kisan Vision project. 14.01.2010

Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 21-09-2017  

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