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Circular No. Letter No.



FM-15  2016/TC(FM)/11/07 ‘Registration Fee’ for registration of indents for Parcel Rake
Amendment to FM Circular No. 13 of 2014
-- 2014/CE-I/SP/6 Web-based application - " On-line Monitoring System for Railway Siding Projects". 31.10.2016


dated 25.11.2016

TC-II/2642/2002/Milk Haulage Charges recoverable for movement of Milk traffic in Railway Milk Tankers (RMT) owned by private parties 31.10.2016
FM-13 TCII/2080/2016/Livestock Transportation of Cat, puppies and kittens. 28.10.2016
FM-12 99/TC(FM)/26/1/Pt.-II (Vol.-I) Policy Circular on Private Sidings Freight Marketing Circular No. 11 of 2016 02.11.2016



99/TC(FM)/26/1 Pt.II Policy Circular on Private Sidings 22.08.2016
FM-10 2016/TC(FM)/11/10 Permission for attachement of Parcel Van by Suvidha Express trains. 18.08.2016
FM-09 2016/TC(FM)/11/15 Enhancement of the carrying capacity of SLRD coaches. 20.07.2016
FM-08 2016/TC(FM)/11/06 Budget announcement-Opening of parcel sector for Container Train Operators (CTOs) 12.07.2016
FM-07 No.TC-II/2080/12/Livestock Revision of freight charges for transportation of all animals including wild animals & birds in Parcel Vans and Brake vans 27.06.2016
FM-06  2006/TC(FM)/11/08 FM Circular No.6 of 2016 24.06.2016
Corrigendum to FM Circular No. 05 of 2016 2015/TC(FM)/10/06 Amendment to Policy guidelines on ‘Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy’. 05.10.2016
FM-05 2015/TC(FM)/10/06 (Amendment No. 6  to leasing of Modified CPLP policy)Amendment to Policy Guidelines on “Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy” 15.06.2016
FM-13 Nil Not Issued 18.10.2016
FM-04 2013/TC(FM)/10/11 (Amendment No. 3 to leasing of PCET policy)Amendment to Policy for Parcel Cargo Express Train to Private Operators. 15.06.2016
FM-04(Corrigendum) 2013/TC(FM)/10/11 Corrigendum to 04 of 2016 29.06.2016
FM-03 TC-II/2046/2012/3/Service Tax Levy of Krishi Kalyan Cess on the Transportation of parcel traffic (leased or non-leased parcel traffic) by rail 31.05.2016
FM-02 2016/TC(FM)/10/09 Attachment of Parcel Vans in passenger carrying trains. 12.05.2016
-- 2015/TC(FM)/10/5 Draft Amendment in Modified Cimprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy 2014. 14.01.2016
-- 2013/TC(FM)/10/11 Draft Amendment in policy of Leased Parcel Cargo Express. 14.01.2016


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 25-09-2017  

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