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Circular No. Subject

Issued date

CC-72 Review of Charges for booking of special coaches/saloons/tourist cars and special trains at full tariff rate. 18.12.2013
CC-71 Recommendations of the Committee of Executive Director to look into the grievances of Ticket checking Staff in TTEs Rest House on Zonal Railways. 14.11.2013
CC-70 Clarification regarding appointment of STBS. 27.11.2013
CC-69 Distribution of reservation quota in Yuva Trains. 14.11.2013
CC-68 Nomination of a person both on Divisional Railway User's Consultative Committee (DRUCC) as well as Zonal Railway User's Consultative Committee (ZRUCC). 08.11.2013
CC-67 Revision of Menu/tariff of catering services in Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Duronto Express trains. 23.10.2013
CC-66 Appointment of STBS (Station Ticket Booking Sewaks) at 'E' category Stations. 24.10.2013
CC-65 Revision of Monitory ceiling limit for stationary and mobile commercial staff. 17.10.2013
CC-64 Stations under jurisdiction of mega-metropolitan area-Indicating names of Metropolitan cities on Passes/PTOs issued to Railway employees. 11.10.2013
CC-63 Revision of Menu/tariff of catering services in Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Duronto Express trains. 09.10.2013
CC-62 Clarification on issue of Izzat MST 07.10.2013
CC-61 Revision in Fares of AC classses of Duronto Express at par with Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express for comparable classes w.e.f. 10.10.2013 05.10.2013
CC-60 Fuel Adjustment Component (FAC) linked revision in Passenger Fare.
EXPLANATORY NOTES AND FARE TABLES W.E.F. 07.10.2013 (furnished by Rates Branch)
CC-59 Introduction of Tatkal Scheme in Passenger Trains 26.09.2013
CC-58 Izzat MST 18.09.2013
CC-57 Restricted entry in ticket areas of Platform during peak rush period. 16.09.2013
CC-56 Providing Complaint Book to the passenger on demand for catering services. 10.09.2013
CC-55 Review of Rail Tourist Agents Scheme. 04.09.2013
CC-54 Revalidation of Photo identity cards of Press Correspondents. 29.08.2013
CC-53 Up-gradation of Companion to First Class/Ist A Post Retirement Complimentary Pass/Widow Pass holder who are of 70 years of age and above, by on-board ticket checking staff. 20.08.2013
CC-52 Corrigendum to Para No.16.1.3. 16.1.4 , 16.2.1, 16.2.2 and 21 of Catering Policy 2010. 19.08.2013
2012/TG-IV/10/PA/Catgory of Stns Number and categories of Railway Stations. 05.07.2013
CC-51 Amendment in Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewak (JTBS Scheme) 05.08.2013
CC-50 Revised instructions on Adarsh Stations. 13.08.2013
CC-49 Payment of Travelling Allowance and Daily Allowance to the Non-official Members of Railway User's Consultative Committees and National Railway Users' Consultative Council (NRUCC). 25.06.2013
CC-48 Time Limit for refund under Computerized Coaching Refund Scheme 21.06.2013
CC-47 Uniformity in logic for allotment of accommodation in different PRS sites for boarding point changed transaction 21.06.2013
CC-46 Delegation of power in case of innovative ideas. 18.06.2013
CC-45 Fare structure of Executive AC Chair Car attached to any train other than Shatabdi trains, including Double Decker trains. 14.06.2013
CC-44 Review Meeting of Commercial Directorate taken by Hon’ble MR and CRB on 03.06.2013 13.06.2013
CC-43 Priority as per warrant of precedence to Hon'ble Chairman/Member of UPSC at the time of Railway Reservation/travel. 12.06.2013
CC-42 Booking of Retiring Room through IRCTC Website. 06.06.2013
CC-41 RAC System in LHB/Hybrid coaches. 03.06.2013
CC-40 Extension of Magisterial Scheme for check and prevention of ticketless travel 04.05.2013
CC-39 Selection of station as Adarsh Station. 28.05.2013
CC-38 Scale of Catering Services through static units. 15.05.2013
CC-37 Modern Trolleys at important stations for senior citizens and women passengers. 03.05.2013
CC-36 Amendment in the Constitution of Zonal Railway Users' Consultative Committees (ZRUCCs) 30.04.2013
CC-35 Selection of station as Adarsh Station 01.05.2013
CC-34 Time limit for Advance Reservation. 25.04.2013
CC-33 Amendment in Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewak (JTBS Scheme) 30.04.2013
CC-32 Revision in Circular Journey Ticket (CJT) - Rule No.205 of IRCA Coaching Tariff 26, Pt.I (Vol-1). 22.04.2013
CC-31 Commercial Publicity Contract - Reserve Price and Rate of escalation on Licence Fee - reg. 22.04.2013
CC-30 Corrigendum to Train side Vending (TSV) guidelines. 15.04.2013
CC-29 Complimentary Card passes to Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Awardees and Dhyan Chand Awardees and other facilities on the Card passes issued to sports-persons. 09.04.2013
CC-28 Extension of facility of Complimentary Card passes to parents of unmarried posthumous Chakra awardees and awadees of Police gallantry medals. 09.04.2013
CC-27 Appointment of facilitators for issuing of unreserved tickets through ATVMS. 08.04.2013
CC-26 Validity of Duty/Privilege/Post Retirement Complimentary Passes in Duronto Express trains. 02.04.2013
CC-25 Policy on earmarking of berths on demand from IRCTC for Value Added Tour(VAT) Packages. 02.04.2013
CC-24 Criteria for selection of popular trains. 22.04.2013
CC-23 Revision of Clerkage charges and Cancellation charges. 20.03.2013
CC-22 Revision in Reservation Fee & Supplementary charge for Trains & withdrawal of Enhanced Reservation Fee. 19.03.2013
CC-21 Revision of Tatkal Charges. 14.03.2013
CC-20 Proposed revision in Reservation Fee & Supplementary charge for Superfast Trains & withdrawal of Enhanced Reservation Fee. 12.03.2013
Corrigendum of
Revision of Clerkage charges and Cancellation charges. 20.03.3013
Revision of Clekrage charges and Cancellation charges. 12.03.2013
CC-18 New plastic Identity Cards issued to Members of Parliament, Rajya Sabha and their spouses. 05.03.2013
CC-17 Levying of service tax on service charges for e-tickets booked through IRCTC. 27.02.2013
CC-16 Ammendment in Jan Sadbaran Ticket Booking Sewak (JTBS Scheme). 14.02.2013
CC-15 Earmarking of accommodation for On-board Housekeepind Staff (OBHS) 22.02.2013
CC-14 Distribution of Rail Bhandhu Magazine at all Waiting Room, lounges, and VIP visiting room – Recommendation of Chairman/Passenger Amenities Committee-Formulation of Procedural Orders. 08.02.2013
CC-13 Selection of stations as Adarsh Station. 29.01.2013
CC-12 Corrigendum to Para 18.3 of Catering Policy 2010 24.01.2013
CC-11 Discontinuation of SOFT Scheme. 22.01.2013
CC-10 Revision of Fare for Tourist Tickets. 21.01.2013
CC-09 Revision of Cloak Room and Locker Charges. 23.01.2013
CC-08 Complimentary Card Passes issued to freedom fighters/their widows-validity to travel in Duronto trains. 21.01.2013
CC-07 Selection of Station as Adarsh Station. 17.01.2013
CC-06 Revision in Passenger Fares w.e.f. 22.01.2013 11.01.2013
CC-05 Battery Operated Vehicles for Disabled, Old aged and Sick passengers. 09.01.2013
CC-04 Provision of carrying of ID proof during journey on reserved ticket. 10.01.2013
CC-03 Extension of waiting list limit. 08.01.2013
CC-02 Provision of issuing of Half Yearly and Yearly Season Tickets. 04.01.2013
CC-01 Advancing the date of conversion of 12278/12277(Puri-HWH-Puri) Duronto Exp. to Shatabdi Exp. from 02.04.2013 to 08.02.2013 and exemption from payment of defferential fare to already booked passengers of this train from 08.02.2013 to 02.04.2013. 03.01.2013
-- Standard Agreement form for installation of Coin Vending Machines(CVMs) at Railway Stations to be signed between Railway and Public Sector Banks. 03.01.2013


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 08-07-2016  

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