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Training Circulars


Letter No. Subject Issued Date Last date of submission
2015/E(Trg)/23/11 Delegation of powers to Geads of Centralized Training Institutes for acceptance of resignations of Group 'A' probationers - IRMS probationers regarding. 21.07.2015  
No.2015/E(Trg)/6/27(46thAMP) 46th Advanced Management Programme  to be conducted at NAIR/Vadodara, ICLIF/Malaysia & INSEAD/Singapore. 16.07.2015 27.07.2015
2015/E(Trg)/6/26 Training of Officers of Indian Raiways in Tunneling Technology 14.07.2015 31.07.2015
2014/E(Trg)/6/48 Training for Heavy Haul Train Operations on Indian Railways - Report/Presentation regarding. 14.07.2015  
2015/E(Trg.)/11/15 10th One Year Diploma course in Disaster Preparedness & Rehabilitation programme (part time) for 2015-2016. 06.07.2015 15.08.2015
2014/E(Trg)/1/10 Master’s Courses in Japan Universities with scholarship for officers of Indian Railways. 02.07.2015 27.07.2015
2015/E(Trg)/30/31 M.Tech Programme in Railway Engineering at IIT, Kharagpur. 17.06.2015  
E(Trg)/2008(22)/1-A Training of Foreign Nationals and Non-Railway Organization Personnel on Indian Railways – fees to be charged in 2015-16 21.05.2015  
2010/E(Trg)/13/1 Report on Restructuring of the Probationary Training for IRSE, IRSME, IRSSE, IRSEE and IRSS. 02.01.2015
2014/E(Trg.)/30/16 Summer Internships for the undergraduates of engineering and Management Studies. 10.10.2014
2014/E(Trg)/6/30 Fellowships in Universities for Railway-related Research. 22.09.2014
E(Trg)2008(22)/1-A Training of Foreign Nationals and Non-Railway Organization Personnel on Indian Railways – fees to be charged. 08.09.20014
2013/E(TRG)/37/3 Masters Degree at IITs and IIMs: Scheme for Officers of Indian Railways. 03.09.2014
2014/E(Trg)/30/16 Summer Internships for the Undergraduates of Engineering and Management Studies. 22.08.2014
2012/E(Trg)/12/17 Policy regarding participation of Indian Railways personnel in Meditation/Yoga/Spiritual and other related programmes 13.08.2014
2013/E(Trg)/30/6 Fellowship in Universities for Railway-related research. 07.08.2014
2014/E(Trg)/6/29 Time Margin for submission of proposals for training abroad. 07.08.2014
E(Trg)94(28)/1 Incentives for acquiring for higher qualification  17.04.2000
2014/E(Trg)/30/11 Providing training facilities for persons with disabilities - Guidelines 03.07.2014
E(Trg)2010(1)/111 Eligibility Criteria for selection of Indian Railways Personnel for foreign training –Consolidated orders -issued 28.04.2014
2014/E(TRG)/23/1 Call on the President of India by Probationers of Indian Railways. 20.03.2014
2013/E(Trg)/6/19 Training Plan for officers of Indian Railways 30.01.2014
2013/E(Trg)/30/12 Resource Pool for Trainers and Resource Persons: Empanelment  of Officers and Staff 06.12.2013
2012/E(Trg)/12/17 Policy regarding participation of Indian Railways Personnel in Meditation/Yoga/Spiritual and other related Programmes. 20.09.2013
E(G)98QR1-10 Retention of Railway accommodation at the previous place of posting by Railway officers/staff posted to railway training Institutions as Faculty members. 03.09.2013
2009/E(TRG)/13/3 Confirmation test of Probationers- clarification regarding IRAS probationers. 30.08.2013
E(TRG)2008(22)/1A Training of Foreign National and Non Railway Organisation Personnel on Indian Railway. 04.02.2009
2013/E(TRG)/18/2 Exemption from Railway foundation Course for Probationers of Group A Services of Indian Railways 07.03.2013
2011/E(TRG)/30/2-MCDO MCDOs-Standardisation of Formats: Clarifications 19.07.2012
2012/E(Trg.)/22/3 Training of Foreign Nationals on Indian Railways. 04.01.2013
2012/E(Trg)/12/17 Policy regarding participation of Indian Railways Personnel in Meditation/ Yoga/Spiritual and other related Programmes. 26.10.2012
E(Trg)2008(23)/10 Management Development Programme for Group 'A' officers-Promotion to Junior Administrative Grade - Policy. 30.10.2012
2012/E(Trg.)/12/17 Policy regarding participation of Indian Railways personnel in Meditation/Yoga/Spiritual and other related Programmes. 17.07.2012
2012/O&M/5/1 Delegation of Powers for Approving Foreign Training Proposals -
E(MPP)2009/3/6 Messing facilities in respect of Group’C’ & ’D’ staff undergoing training in Railway Training Centres-DC/JCM Item No. 07/2007 01.07.2010


Report on restructuring of the probationary training for IRAS, IRPS and IRTS -
E(G)2009/HO 1-24 Grant of honorarium for delivering lectures in Zonal Training Schools/ Centres 29.10.2009
E(G)91/AL6-1 Messing facilities in the Centralised Training Institutes on the Railways-Clarifications to General Guidelines 04.08.2009
2005/Tele/TN/2 CUG facilities while on long duration training 28.10.2009
E(Trg.)/2008(22)/1-A Training of Foreign Nationals and Non-Railway Organisation Personnel on Indian Railways 26.02.2009
E(MPP)/2008/3/18 Implementations of recommendations of Sixth Central Pay Commission- Revision of rate of Training Allowance and Sumptuary Allowance to the faculty members of various training centres. 20.10.2008
E(NG)-I-2008/IC-2/1 Incentives for aquiring higher Scientific/Accounts/ Technical Qualification to Group ’C’ employees


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 29-07-2015  

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