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S.No. File No. Subject Date Salient Features
126 2018/Trans.Cell/IROAF Record Notes of Meeting of CRB with IROAF and Transformation  Cell on 16.08.2018 21.08.2018 Record Notes of Meeting of CRB with IROAF and Transformation  Cell 
125 2018/Trans/01/Policy/Pt-S Inspection of Branded Items. 16.08.2018 --
124 2018/TransCell/E/Protection of Child Rights Workshop on child care & protection in Mumbai, CR on 31 August, 2018 06.08.2018 Capacity building workshop for stakeholders for providing care & protection to vulnerable children coming in contact to Railway would be held in Mumbai on 31.08.2018
123 2018/TransCell/Mech/Contractual Staff Encouraging Railway employees and contractual staff of OBHS, cleaning , catering & other Labour intensive contracts to enrol under PMSBY and PMJJBY 02.08.2018 Encouraging Railway employees and contractual staff of OBHS, cleaning , catering & other Labour intensive contracts to enrol under Pradhan mantri suraksha Beema yojana and Pradhan  Mantri Jyoti Beema Yojana
122 2018/TransCell/E/Protection of Child Rights Workshop on child care & protection in Delhi, NR on 16 August, 2018 02.08.2018 Capacity building workshop for stakeholders for providing care & protection to vulnerable children coming in contact to Railway would be held in delhi on 16.08.2018
121 2018/TransCell/CRB Interaction Record note of discussions of the meeting of DGM (G)s taken by CRB on 26.07.2018 01.08.2018 Record note of discussions of the meeting of DGM (G)s taken by CRB on 26.07.2018
120 2018/Trans/01/Policy Implementation of Instructions issued from Railway Board. 26.07.2018 Instructions issued from Railway Board to  be implemented with immediate effect.
119 2018/Trans.Cell/Health/Medical Card Issue of Medical ID card to Retiring Employees. 30.07.2018 Issue of Medical Card to retiring employee at the time of retirement or before.
118 2018/Trans.Cell/S&T/NIT Period Tender Notice Period-Works Contracts. 26.07.2018

Tender notice period reduced from a month to 21 days, tender validity period three time the tender notice period & tender notice period should be reckoned from the date of publication on e-tendering  website.

117 2018/Trans/01/Policy Model Schedule of Powers 2018 24.07.2018 Model SOP 2018 has been issued.
116 2018/Transf.Cell/Conclave Sampark-Samanvay-Samwad-Presentation by Committee on Refurbishment of Coaches every 06 years (during 4th POH) 18.07.2018 'AC Coaches shall be refurbished every 6th year druing POH".
115 2018/Trans/01/Policy Improvement in the work environment of RPF Personnel. 1807.2018
Improvement of 744 RPF/RPSF Barracks on priority over next 3-4 months, especially in respect of
  • Provision of a Industrial Grade RO for improved drinking water.
  • Renovation/Construction of Toilets in the barracks as per laid down norms.
  • Outsourcing of the House Keeping in the barrack which may be coordinated by the concerned Commandant of the Division.

Provide all RPF posts with a 4-wheeler & RPF outposts with a 2-wheeler to improve the mobility of the RPF.

114 2017/Trans/01/Policy Part-III Delegation of Powers to ADRMs by DRMs. 17.07.2018 DRM delegate to Administrative Power to ADRMs on their administrative necessity.
113 2018/Trans/01/Policy Empowerment to GMs on engagement of government security agencies like Home Guards for Core Areas 16.07.2018
Empowerment of GMs for engaging Home Guards for Core Areas of Security.

Limitation of 90 days on engagement removed.

112 2018/Trans Cell/S&T/Contractual Staff Engagement of staff against posts of Engineering, Electrical and S&T departments of Railway Electrification Organization by re-engagement of retired personnel and by engagement on contract basis. 13.07.2018 Engagement of supervisor in Engineering, Electrical and S&T department of RE organization on re-engagement & contractual basis for two years
111 2017/Trans/01/Policy/Pt-S Powers of Purchase through GeM. 11.07.2018 Process of field stores oficers for purchase through GeM increase from Rs. 5 Lakhs to Rs. 50 Lakhs.
110 2018/Tranf.Cell/MR Dash Board/Motivation Incentive Scheme for Railway Employees 09.07.2018

Concept of Nodal Station- 50 to 100 km from the place of work (Generally road side stations) defined and approved by Board (CRB).  Way side stations to have transit camps for the staff, resting facility with toilet near manned LC gate to be provided, employees to get calculation sheet for all the options to enable them make an informed decision at the time of fixation.

109 2018/Trans Cell/Health/Consultation Fee Consultation fee for medical aid to passengers. 10.07.2018 Revision of consultation fee recovered by Railway doctor for attending passenger.
108 2018/Transf.Cell/Mech./Contractual Staff Corrigendum to Engagement of Data Entry Operators / Executive Assistants / Digital Office Assistants on contract basis against the vacant posts of Stenographer / PAs 04.07.2018 Engagement of Various Staffs on contract basis.
107 2018/Transf. cell/Mech./Contractual Staff

Engagement of Data Entry Operators/Executive Assistants/Digital Office Assistant on contract basis  against the vacant posts of Stenographers/PAs


Engagement of Data Entry Operators/Executive Assistants/Digital Office Assistant on contract basis

106 2018/TransCell/E/Child Protection Care & Protection of distressed children in contact with Railway. 29.06.2018 Letter from CRB to all station incharges and RPF post incharges to provide care and protection to distressed children coming in contact with Railway.
105 2018/TFCell/EG Posting Implementation of Hon'ble Supreme Court's judgment dated 31.10.13 WP(C)82/2011-Postings/Transfers on Railways-Corrigendum-Regarding. 21.5.2018

Constitution of Placement Committee for officials of level 11 and above in Zonal Railway Headquarters

104 2018/Trans.Cell/Health/Zonal hospitals Delegations of powers on Medical Matters 13.06.2018 Delegations of powers on Medical Matters
103 2018/TF/Civil/Works Process Reforms-Project Cell in Divisions and Delegation of Powers. 12.06.2018 Process Reforms-Project Cell in Divisions and Delegation of Powers.
102 2-18/Heritage/Misc/1 Contractual engagement of retired Railway Staff on “Consultant-cum-Coach” basis for preservation of Railway Heritage. 12.06.2018 Contractual engagement of retired railway staff on “Consultant-cum-Coach” basis for preservation of Railway Heritage.
101 2018/Trans Cell/Health/Medical Cards Medical Identity Cards - Uniformity and renewal 08.06.2018 Policy regarding uniformity in the Medical Identity Cards issued to employees and other beneficiaries on Indian Railways.
100 2018/Transf.Cell/Traffic/Policy Train Captain as overall leader and in-charge of all on board railway personnel and outsourced staff. 08.06.2018 Train Captain as overall leader and in-charge of all on board railway personnel and outsourced staff during the journey of train.  All on board railway personnel and supervisors of all outsourced agencies to report to the Train Captain for effective control and supervision to ensure improvement in on-board services by Railways
99 2018/Transf. Cell/Traffic/Policy Fixation of reserve price without finance vetting for parking of cycle/two wheelers/non commercial light motor vehicles and pay & use toilets in Railway premises. 07.06.2018 Fixation of reserve price without finance vetting for parking of cycle/two wheelers/non commercial light motor vehicles and pay & use toilets in Railway premises
98 2018/Trans Cell/Health/SR &JR Terms & conditions for engagement of Senior Residents & Junior Residents in Railway Hospitals. 06.06.2018 Powers for extension of term of SR upto one month delegated to MD/CMS/CMO & that of JR beyond two years delegated to PCMD. Age limit for appointment of SR is relaxed to 37 years.
97 2018/Trans.Cell/Health/CMP & PTDS Engagement/Re-engagement of Medical Practitioners on Contract basis (CMPs) including Part-time Dental Surgeons, Classification of operations and reimbursement of expenditure on Dental treatment. 06.06.2018 Delegation of powers for engagement of CMPs including Part time Dental Surgeons to CWMs & GMs of PU, powers for re-engagement of CMPs & Part time Dental Surgeons to MD/DRM/CWM/GM of PU; Arrangement of Reimbursement of Dental Treatment made permanent.
96  2018/TF/CRB Directives/NAIR (Pt.) Empowering NAIR & CTIs-Revision of Honorarium for Guest Faculty 05.06.2018 -
95 2018/Trans.Cell/E/Child Protection Care and protection of children in contact with Railways. 04.06.2018 Awareness  Campaign across all railway divisions to sensitize all railway officials , Passengers and other stakeholders for ensuring care and protection of distressed  children coming in contact with railways at stations and in trains
94 2017/Trans/01/policy Online allotment of Railway officers Rest Houses, Holiday Homes, community Centres/Halls  31.05.2018 ---
93 2017/Trans/Process Reforms/Estt. Vigilance D&AR clearance for going abroad on Duty 25.04.2018 No Vigilance D & AR clearance for going abroad on Duty in DFCCIL
92 2018/Trans Cell/Health/Study Leave Grant of Study Leave/EOL for study purpose to Medical Officers. 28.05.2018 The limit on number of Medical officers to be granted study leave/EOL is removed.
91 2018/Trans Cell/Tender Committee Nomination of Tender Committee members from locally available officers of divisions/other organizations. 25.05.2018

To reduce the time consumed in convening Tender Committee meetings and expedite finalization of tenders.

90 2018/Trans/01/Policy Correction Slip No. 6 to Model SOP issued vide letter No. 2017/Trans/01/Policy dated 26.10.2017-regarding ex gratia payment- RPSF 03 PCSC/RPSF can sanction ex-gratia payment to the dependents of RPSF employees who die in performance of their bonafide official duties.
89 2018/Trans/01/Policy Decision taken on the Report of the Committee on "right powering/single window supervision/graded punctuality of coaching trains", constituted during conclave Sampark Samanvay Samvad. 27.04.2018

Right power of Coaching Trains by CR &WR.

CR to implement scheme for single window supervision for all on board amenities, by a service Captain.

88 2017/Trans.Cell/Go Digital Launch of E-inspection Module under "Encourage People to Go Ditital" 26.04.2018  
87 2017/Trana/01/Policy Pay and Use Toilet 25.04.2018  
86 2017/Trans.Cell/Go Digital Launch of E-Inspection Module 24.04.2018  
85 2018/E&R/10(10)/5 Good Work Done practices reported by Railway Units 20.04.2018 Out of 1250 good works entries received so far, 25 good works have been identified for initial mass scale implementation across Indian Railways.
84 2018/Trans Cell/Mech/SOP/Corrigendum Corrigendum to Item No.37(a) of Model SOP on works matter  20.04.2018 (a) Rolling Stock defined to include coaches wagons, locomotives EMU, DEMU Trainset, MEMU, Tower Cars SPART, ART, ARMV. other special purpose coaches & wagons and rolling stocks.
83 2017/Trans Cell/Pilot Projects Pilot Project/Study – GMs empowerment 17.04.2018 GMs empowered to undertake pilot study/project uptoRs 2.5 crore each case
82 2018/TransCell/Process Reform/Estt Process Reform – Comprehensive Housing Policy 05.04.2018

Improvement in Housing Policy - (i) Periodicity, scale/schedule of renovation and specifications of fixtures in houses to be in line with CPWD practice, (ii) telescopic penal charge for unauthorized house retention, (iii) 1800 GP staff eligible to register for Type II house, (iv) leasing facility to staff.

81 2017/Trans/01/Policy/Pt.I Revision of remuneration of Para-medical categories in Group-'C' engaged on contract basis. 12.04.2018 Para medical staff in Group C engaged on contract basis to get remuneration equivalent to regular employees
80 2018/TF Cell/EG/Policy/Retention of Qtr. Retention of Railway Accomodation at the previous place of posting 12.04.2018

Director and faculty members of CTIs permitted to retain house at previous place of posting for full tenure of posting.

79 2018/Trans/01/Policy Inter-Railway transfer on own request-mutual transfer of divisional controlled cadres as per Model SOP - Part F item 10(D)  11.04.2018 Own request/mutual transfer letter date corrected.
78 2018/LMB-II/2/01 Implementing the recommendations of Committee on comprehensive Housing Policy in respect of maintenance of Railway Colonies 10.04.2018  Housing Policy - improving colony maintenance – (i) IT based call centre, (ii) setting up of separate wing for maintaining infrastructure not related directly with operations – pilot in Delhi Division 
77 2018/Trans. Cell/Mech./Service Contracts The General Conditions of Contract for Service. 20.03.2018 Corrected copy of GCC for Service Matters
76 2018/Trans/01/Policy Inter-Railway inter-Division transfer on own request-mutual transfer of divisional controlled cadres as per Model SOP - Part F item 10D 09.04.2018 DRMs empowerment for inter railway/inter division transfer on employees’ own request/mutual transfer
75 2018/Trans/01/Policy Empowerment to GMs DRMs on Security matters - Core-Non-Core areas 09.04.2018 RPF matter - GMs can engage state security agencies/home guard against RPF vacancies in core areas for 90 days at a time; DRMs can engage home guards at station premises and circulating areas upto 90 days to handle passenger rush
74 2017/Trans Cell/S&T/Processes Dispensation of vetting of Non stock requisitions against sanctioned works and that of Purchacse Orders generated directly by iMMS 06.04.2018 Indents vetting-Not required for sanctioned estimates. For iMMS generated PO- No vetting required
73 2018/E(O)II/41/1 Foreign deputation of officers up to SG level for technical training/visits under contractual provisions-Procedure for processing proposals. 03.04.2018 Foreign Deputation up to SG 5 days-Fast Track Approval through Secretary Railway Board on proposal from GM + PFA
72 2017/SCC/3/9/Pt. Mandatory health check up of Railway officers for filling APARs 04.04.2018 Mandatory Health Checkup- Only certificate to be uploaded
71 2017/Trans/01/Policy/Pt-S Guidance for electric Reverse Auction for Works, Stores and Service Contracts. 28.03.2018 e-Reverse Auction Store above Rs 10 crore Works Contract and Service Contract more than Rs. 50 crores –IR,PSU
70 2018/Trans Cell/TFC/Hill Railway/Traffic – Part I  Promoting Tourism on Hill Railways 28.03.2018 Tourism Hill Railways. SrDCM, Sr DFM with the approval of DRM empowered to fix rates Tourist charter (DHR, KSR, NMR, KVR & NMR) , Director of Hill Railway  similar powers, Valid up to 31.3.19.
69 2017/Trans/01/Policy Model Schedule of Powers, October 2017-Corrigendum 27.03.2018 Overall Agreement value, Add Positive variation & substract negative variation accepted value of the contract.
68 2018/Trans Cell/Conclave/Health Decisions taken in Board meeting on Mar 06,2018 23.3.2018 Guidelines on Hospitals & medicines- Road mobile van for road side station. Lady doctor similar to dental surgeon HVS Number decided by GM. 3 follow up post surgery at non-railway hospitals, hospital administrator for all Zonal  Hospitals. Approved for  medicine on one zone 80% Procurement without waiting for Indents with 30% option clause 15% limit of LP to be reviewed by GM. Suitable cash imprest with hospitals/health units for Emergency.
67 2017/Trans/01/Policy Model Schedule of Powers, October,2017-Correction Slip-3 23.3.2018 Investigations beyond Rs 15,000, finance concurrent and approval of CMD/CMO.
66 2018/Transf.Cell/Tfc-Comml/
Citizen Charter
Citizen’s Charter for Passenger Services 23.03.2018 Citizen’s charter.
65 2018/Trans//01/Policy Corrigendum Slip No 4 to Model SOP issued vide letter no 2017/Trans/01/Policy dated 26.10.2017 23.03.2018 Model SOP for RPF. Bada Khana Rs. 1.5 lakh, Hiring of vehicle for RPF posts. Hiring of agency for recruitment similar to Chairman of RRB. Hiring of Home Guard.  Drone camera/simulator.
64 2018/Trans/01/BC Instructions to DRMs to attend meeting of DISHA committees 22.03.2018 DRM/ADRM to attend meeing of DISHA committee
63 2017/Trans/01/Policy Revision of Model Schedule of Power (SOP) 22.03.2018 Revision of Model SOP- Proposal required by 4.4.18
62 2018/Tranf Cell/S&T/Contractual Staff Engagement of Staff against posts of SSEs JEs(Works) in Construction organization by re-engagement of retired persnonnel and by engagement on contract basis 16.03.2018 Engagement of Supervisors (SSE/JEE in constructing organization) for 2 years for construction.
61 2017/Trans/01/Policy Process Reforms- Improving Project Execution & Monitoring. 14.03.2018 Improving project execution and monitoring- Works costing above Rs. 5 crores. DPR required. Use of Drone permitted, RVNL developed ReMS may be used.
60 F(X)II/2015/PW/7 Delegation of Powers to General Managers. 13.03.2018 General Managers can sanction part estimate for shifting of utilities.
59 2016/F(X)II/10/27 Delegation of Powers to General Managers to sanction Cash Imprests.  13.03.2018 Cash Imprest up to Rs 15000 No Quotation.
58 ERB-I/2018/23/16 Constituted a Committee to review policy issues governing commercial activities for sundry other earnings. 13.03.2018 Committee /Trf on commercial matters
57 D-43/1/2017-F(X)II Recommendations of the Safety Task Force - Recommendation No. 2.6.3 & 2.6.4 regarding. 15.09.2017 Use of Imprest for procurement of stock/non-stock safety items.
56 2017/Trans/01/Policy/Pt-S Administrative and Material Management Activities in Zonal Hospitals 08.03.2018 Zonal hospital, standing spot purchase committee for SMM, XEN, Sr. AFM/DFM, Director Acceptance of the SMM as same in JAG.
55 2017/Tranf.Cell/S&T/Fast Track Comm Fast track decision making Empowered Committee at HQ level 07.03.2018 Empowered Committee AGM, FA & CAO, concerned HOD.
54 2017/Trans/01/Policy Model Schedule of Powers, October 2017, Correction Slip No. 2 01.03.2018 -
53 DO No. 2017/Trans/01/Policy/Pt.1 Priority to Deliverance. 26.02.2018 -
52 2017/Transf.Cell/Inspections Inspections in Indian Railways 27.02.2018 Inspection limit as codified.
51 2018/Transf.Cell/S&T/APARs Authorization to write APARs by Officers 26.02.2018

Officers Looking After period exceed 90 days with APAR.

50 2018/Trans.Cell/Mech.
/Service Contracts
The General Conditions opf Contract for Service 26.02.2018 GCC for Service Contract.
49 2017/Trans/01/Policy/Health Revision of rate of remuneration to Medical Practitioners on Contract basis  13.02.2018 Remuneration to CMPs and Dental surgeon-revised.
48 2017/Trans/01/Policy Delegation of powers to GMs of Zonal Railways & Production Units for deputing offcers for foreign technical training/visits. 13.02.2018 Delegation of powers to GMs for foreign visit/technical visit-5 days.
47 2017/Trans/01/Policy Process Reforms - Works Contracts. 08.02.2018 Process Reforms: Works Contract.
46 2017/Trans/01/Policy Decision taken in Board meeting held on 2nd February, 2018 07.02.2018 Increasing modal share in freight Business,
45 2017/Trans/01/Policy Decision taken in Board meeting held on 2nd February, 2018 07.02.2018 DRM empowered for pay & use toilet (earning contract or service contract). DRMs to sign MOUs with Sulabh or others .
44 2017/Trans/01/Policy Clarification on Model SOP item no 10 of Part 'F 07.02.2018 Inter-railway/Inter-division transfer of non-gazetted employees mutual transfer/own request.
43 2018/Trans. Cell/Mech/Service Contracts The General Conditions of Contract for Services  02.02.2018 General Conditions of Contract for Service prepared
42 2017/Trans/01/Policy/Pt - S Model SOP Document for Zonal Railways: Stores Matters 06.02.2018 Model SOP document for zonal Railways Stores Matters
41 2017/Trans/01/Policy Regarding Corrigendum Slip No 3 to enhanced delegation of Powers to GMs and DRMs conveyed vide letter No 2017/Trans01/Policy dated 18.10.2017 05.02.2018 No approval GM tour 2 days/ week, Prior approval CRB/Board Member beyond it.  For DRMs 2 days tour within the zone- no approval, Intimation to GM. More than 2 days Prior approval of GM. Outside zone Approval of GM.
40 2017/Transf.cell/Civil/03 Report of the Committee to Review Uniform & Tool kits for Trackman/Keyman/Patrolmen. 05.02.2018

Protective Gear and tools kit for trackmen/key men/Patrolmen:Rakshak for Golden Quadrilateral

39 2017/Trans/01/Policy/Pt-S Model SOP Document for Zonal Railways. 02.20.2018 PHODs, CHODs same powers to ADRMs, SAG/NF SAG-same
38 2017/Trans/01/Policy Delegation of Powers to GMs of Zonal Railways & Production Units for nominating officers for foreign technical training/visits 31.01.2018 GMs/DG/RDSO empowered to depute staff and officers upto SG for foreign technical training/visits for 5 days. Secretary/RB to be informed
37 2017/Trans/01/Policy Rly Bd letter dated 31.1.18 regarding Corrigendum Slip No 2 to enhanced delegation of Powers to GMs and DRMsconveyedvide letter no 2017/Trans01/Policydated 18.10.2017 31.01.2018 Tour programmes of GMs and DRMs and CAOs independent charge of PUs within India no approval. Only information to Controlling officer.
36 2018/Transf.Cell/Good Works Portal Instructions regarding Rail Good Work Portal 17.01.2018 Rail Good Works Portal.
35 2018/Transf.Cell/Good Works Portal Hosting of Rail Good Works Portal on Indian Railways Website 16.01.2018 Instructions regarding Rail Good Work Portal issued
34 2017/Trans/01/Policy/Pt. 1 Filling of posts in Para-medical categories in Group – ‘C’ on contract basis and by re-engagement of retired employees in exigencies of services 17.01.2018 Para Medical staff Retired/fresh recruitment DRM/CWMs empowered.
33 2017/Trans/01/Policy Amendment to Railway Board Transformation Cell’s letter No. 2017/Trans/01/Poilcy dated 16.11.2017 on Process Reforms – improving Delivery and Performance with regard to registration of vigilance cases 16.01.2018 Revised instructions for registration of Vigilance cases.
32 2017/Trans/01/Policy/Stores Process Reforms – Procurement  08.01.2018 TC recommendations of Dy CWM to be accepted by CWMs.
31 2018/Transf.Cell/Good Works Portal Hosting of Rail Good Works Portal on Indian Railways website 16.01.2018 Hosting of Rail Good Works Portal on IR website.
30 2017/Trans/01/Policy Delegation of Powers with regard to sanction of air travel to GM/NR and DRM/FZR 09.01.2018 DRM/Firozpur Empowered to send officers upto JS to Srinagar for 2 years by Air.
29 2017/Transf.Cell/Traffic/Parcel-Cloak & Waiting Room Pilot for outsourcing of Parcel handling, Cloak Room and improvement in Waiting Room facilities 09.01.2018 On-board catering services- quality based bidding system Parcel handling, Clock Room, Retiring room-DRM/DLI empowered to outsource.
28 2017/Trans/01/Policy/Stores Process Reforms – Disposal of Divisional Scrap 05.01.2018 Disposal of scrap-Sr Supervisors empowered for lot size upto Rs 2000/-
27 2017/Transf.Cell/Go Digital Encourage people to go digital – Pan India rollout of Apps developed by Delhi Division 04.01.2018 Roll out of Apps by Delhi Division e-inspection, RPGRM, Rail Karmi.
26 2017/Trans. Cell/MR Dash Board/Ramp-Up Evaluate all manufacturing facilities for Make Vs. Buy and Economies of Scale 29.12.2017 Manufacturing facilities at PUs to be increased 3 times in 5 years.
25 F(X)-II/2015/PW/7/pt.2 Expenditure on ceremonial / important occasions. 29.12.2017 GMs- Powers for ceremonial occasions enhanced.
24 2017/Trans/01/Policy/Stores Process Reforms-Procurement  29.12.2017 Stores Procurement-Digitalization of contract activities, , Setup Divisional store Depot, Empower Construction organizations, ADRMs to accept store tenders upto Rs. 10 crore SAG officers on condition to accept store tender upto Rs. 20 crore, Purchase Powers of Stores Officers revised.
23 2017/TransCell/ProcessReform/Estt Process Reform - Retention of Railway Quarter on education ground. 29.12.2017

Railway Quarter retention Educational Grounds for 9th/10th, 11th/12th.


22 2017/Trans. Cell/MR Dash Board/Motivation Incentive Schemes for Railway Employees. 27.12.2017 Incentive Scheme to be framed to enhance satisfaction and motival level of railway employees.
  2017/Trans/01/Policy/PR Structural Reforms - Sustainable Public Relation set up at Divisions. 26.12.2018  
21 2017/Trans/01/Policy Model Schedule of Power October, 2017- Correction Slip-I 26.12.2017 SOPs modified for consultancy works, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Licensing of Railway land etc.
20 2017/Trans/01/Policy Model Schedule of Power October, 2017 26.12.2017 Works Tender accepting authority limits enhanced AGM Rs 300 crore
19 2017/Transf.Cell/Transf.Drive Transformation drive to assess impact of empowerment & process reforms 21.12.2017 Transformation Drive lunched in all the Zonal Railways from 1-15 Jan, 2018.
18 2017/Transf.Cell/Transformation Workshop Presentations made in Conclave “Sampark, Samanvay, Samvad” held on Dec’ 16, 2017 in New Delhi 20.12.2017 Presentations of Conclave “Sampark, Samanvay, Samvad” uploaded on Railway Board website.
17 2017/Transf.Cell/Transformation Workshop Decisions taken in Conclave titled “Sampark, Samanvay, Samvad” on Vision for New Railway – New India 2022 on Dec’ 16,2017 in New Delhi 18.12.2017 Instructions to GMs,DGs, CAOs etc for implementation of 14 items identified from Sampark, Samanvay,Samvad-Vision for New Railway-New India 2022 within the target date.
16 2017/Transformation/Process Reform/Estt  Delegation of Powers to GMs      regarding establishment matters 12.12.2017 ADRMs 3 years tenure GMs authorized to change duty list.
15 2017/Trans/01/Policy  Formation of spot purchase committee as per Railway Board Letter No. 2002/RS(G)/779/12 dated 14.12.2011 08.12.2017 Clarifications spot purchase committees.
14 2017/Trans/01/Policy Process Reforms-Clarification on provisions of Model SOP. 06.12.2017 Clarification in case of differing provisions in Model SOP and SBD.
13 2017/Trans/Process Reforms/Estt. Letters issued by Railway Board on Process Reforms. 04.12.2017 Letters on Process Reforms /Establishment – issued by Railway Board in matters of vigilance investigations, station/Hqrs leave permission, Vigilance D&AR clearance for deputation abroad- Marked to PSUs.
12 2017/Trans/01/Policy/Pt.I Delegation of powers for empanelment of Private Hospitals for referral. 30.11.2017 Empanelment of Private hospitals for referral- DRM empowered.
11 2017/Transformation Dte/Tfc/03 Amendment in "Policy regarding development of goods sheds by private investment in railway premises" issued vide Railway Board's letter No. 96/TT(I)/10/ACC/NR/36 dated 23.10.2017 30.11.2017 Development of goods shed by private investment–DRM empowered.
10 2017/Trans/Process Reforms/Estt. Vigilance/D&AR clearance requirement for going abroad on Duty 29.11.2017 Vigilance/D&AR clearance not required for going abroad on duty-conference/meeting/workshops.
9 2017/Trans/Process Reforms/Estt. Station/Headquarter leave permission for going abroad on leave 29.11.2017 Ex-India leave-21 days maximum to approve.
8 2017/Trans/01-1/Policy Simplifying Service Contract Administration and further empowering Sr.CDOs/CDOs 28.11.2017 Service Contract: DRM Rs. 100 crore, Zonal contract for Depots/Sheds.
7 2017/Trans/01/Policy Engagement of Consultants 27.11.2017 Guidelines Consultancy Contracts,
6 2017/Trans/01/Policy Process Reforms - Improving Delivery & Performance : Contracts 17.11.2017 L1 withdraws L2 can be awarded as L1 retry variation , earning content extensions.
5 2017/Trans/01/Policy Process Reforms - Improving Delivery & Performance 16.11.2017 Guidelines for registration of a vigilance case, vigilance clearance in – fear perception removed.
4 2017/Trans/01/Policy Corrigendum Slip 1 to enhance delegation of Powers to GMs and DRMs 09.11.2017

Enhanced delegation GMs/DRMs- corrigendum slip issued

Consultancy Contract GM Rs 10 crore/DRM Rs 10 Lakh/SAG acceptance
3 2017/Trans/01/Policy Administrative arrangement/Empowerment for efficient functioning of Station Directors in JAG/SG (A1 class Stations) 08.11.2017 Empowerment of Station Directors to JAG/SG (A).
2 2017/TRF/DEL/Misc/01 Enhancement of Hospitality Fund for CPROs 10.10.2017 CPROs Hospitality fund limits enhanced. CPRO Rs. 3 lakh (Z R), CPRO Rs. 1 lakhs (P H)
Delegation of Powers to GMs and DRMs 18.10.2017 Delegation of powers to GMs and DRMs administrative/financial powers


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 21-08-2018  

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