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Letter No Subject Date of issue
2014/Elect.(TRS)/113/5 Misc. Safety Special safety drive to check efficacy and preparedness of railway systems. 28.05.2014
2008/Elect(TRS)/441/5 Revised norms for Unit Exchange spares for maintenance of AC conventional electric locos 13.05.2014
2007/Eect.(TRS)/441/8 Pt. Maintenance Instructions to prevent crack/breakage of TM mounting bogie nose in WAP7/WAG9 locomotives 07.05.2014
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/14 Mail / Express trains run by Goods Loco Pilots in emergency 07.04.2014
2013/Elect(TRS)/155/1 Monitoring of Trip inspection on Electric Locomotives 26.02.2014
2008/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Preparedness for taking over of trains on electric traction 20.02.2014


2013/Elect(TRS)/441/1 Revised allotment of spares for three phase electric locos 01.05.2013
2012/Elect(TRS)/225/4 Pt. Running Shield for 'Best Zone - Electrical Department' 23.04.2013
2012/Elect(TRS)/440/1 Electric Loco Coupling failure in 2012-13 10.04.2013
EL/ Reliability improvement of 180 kVA SIV 05.04.2013
2013/RE/225/1/FTS-69915 Proposals for creation and extension of Gazetted posts of Electrical cadre on Indian Railways 25.02.2013
2012/Elect(TRS)138/8 Revised allotment of POH/MTR capacity for 2013-14 for electric locos 20.02.2013
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Summer and Monsoon preparedness 12.02.2013
92/Elect(TRS)/138/5 Pt. III Trip inspection of WAG-9 locos at Trip Sheds 31.01.2013
2008/Elect(TRS)/113/5 Pt. Fire prevention measures on Three phase electric locomotives 31.01.2013
CAO/FOIS/84/Loco/2013 Changes in FOIS for reporting of loco schedule for electric locos in FOIS 30.01.2013
2008/Elect(TRS)/440/22 Tentative allotment of electric locomotives for 2013-14 21.01.2013
2012/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Incidence of Signal Passing at Danger (SPAD) 02.01.2013
2012/Elect(TRS)/225/13 Misc. Reporting of failures of OFF POH & newly built electric locos through 'eLocoS' website) 28.12.2012
2010/Tele/2(1)/1/Pt. JPO for use of CUG/Mobile Phones by Loco Pilots/Asstt. Loco Pilots/Motormen and Guards ) 27.12.2012
EL/8.4.17 Guidelines for Standardization of Speed Boards to be placed on OHE Masts 27.12.2012
MC/BLB/CBC Joint Procedure Order for Coupling / Uncoupling of transition type Centre Buffer Coupler with rake 20.12.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)/138/8 Allotment of POH/MTR and TM Rewinding capacity for 2013-14 for Electric locos) 17.12.2012
2003/Elect(TRS)/441/3 Vol.-I Pt.-I Proper functioning of Vigilance Control Device (VCD) on electric locos 13.12.2012
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Pt. Crew Management System (CMS) - Issues & Use cases Specification Running Allowance version 1.16 11.12.2012
2011/Elect(TRS)/480/1 Pt. Homing Capacity of Electric Loco sheds up to 200 locos 11.12.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)/225/13 Misc. Pt. I Web based facility for Unusual Occurrence Report (UOR) of Electric Locomotive on Railnet 07.12.2012
2001/M(L)/467/2 Rationalization of supervision of Loco Running Staff. 12.11.2012
EL/2.5.2/2 Optimizing specific energy consumption for Electric Traction and reducing the electricity bills. 12.11.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Indicative Accident cases (under Category " Reporting to Rlys") on Electrical Account. 08.11.2012
2009/Elect(TRS)/113/2 Prohibition of use of mobile phones while on train by Loco Pilots/Guards 07.11.2012
2002/Elect(TRS)/122/2 Movement of defective locomotives over Zonal Railways 07.11.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Equipment reliability of locos during 2nd Quarter (July-Sept.) of 2012-13 01.11.2012
2012/M(L)/466/2(2701) Relaxation of wheel diameter for WAP-7 & WAG-9 electric locos 31.10.2012
2003/Elect(TRS)/440/17 Pt. Formation of JPO for freight train operation on stalling prone area - Modifications to WTT 29.10.2012
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Pt. Implementation of Crew Management System (CMS) 23.10.2012
CMS Ver. 3.9.0 Release of new CMS version 3.9.0 23.10.2012
Runniung Allowance Ver. 1.16 CMS issues & Use case Specification - Running allowance version 1.16 23.10.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Analysis & reporting of indicative accident cases 22.10.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)/441/1 Sparing of material by CLW to Zonal Railways against various sanctioned RSPs with Annex. 12.10.2012
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Winter preparedness drive. 27.09.2012
2009/Elect.(TRS)/113/2 Minutes of meeting held on 14.09.2012 in Railway Board, New Delhi on safety and operational issues. 24.09.2012
2003/Elect.(TRS)/225/7 Pt. Improvement of Running Rooms. 17.09.2012
TPWS LETTERS Important letters & information regarding Train Protection Warning System (TPWS) --
2012/Elect.(TRS)/412/1 Commissioning of new electric locomotives 03.09.2012
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Homing Capacity of Electric Loco sheds 03.09.2012
2002/Tele/WCM/6/Genl./Pt Policy on payment of spectrum charges to Ministry of Communication (Telecom Circular no. 9/2012) 28.08.2012
2009/Elect(TRS)/113/2 Periodical meetings of Sr.DEE(TRO)s to discuss Safety, Crew and inter-Railway Operational issues 28.08.2012
2008/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Tentative electric loco coaching link for trains announced in Budget 2012-13 05.07.2012
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/8 Counseling of running staff to avoid online failure on account of SIV 04.07.2012
2009/Elect(TRS)/720/1 Review of status and redistribution of TAOchi conversion works allotment of sanctions against different Board RSPs. 15.06.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)/113/2 MOM - regarding SPAD cases held on 07.05.2012 in Railway Board 15.05.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)113/7 Timely communication of accidents / unusual occurrence 02.05.2012
2011/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Action Plan to reduce SPAD cases 20.04.2012
EL/3.1.35/2 Electrical Revision '2' of Trouble Shooting Directory of 3-Phase electric locomotives 04.04.2012
2010/M(L)/466/2(2701) Relaxation of Wheel diameter for WAP7 & WAG9 electric locos 04.04.2012
EL/3.6.1/1 Revision in AOH periodicity of WAP-4 class of electric locos equipped with Hitachi TMs 28.03.2012
EL/4.2.15 MOM Performance Review Meeting of MPCS held at Railway Board on 07.02.12 21.02.2012
EL/11.5.5/5 MOM held at ELS/GZB on 09.02.2012 to review reliability of Electronics of three phase electric locos 15.02.2012
EL/ MOM Performance Review Meeting of SIV held at Railway Board on 07.02.12 13.02.2012
2011/Elect(TRS)/138/9 Dispatching of Electric locos from CLW and POH Workshop 10.02.2012
EL/3.2.19(G) Compressor efficiency and pneumatic testing procedure on conventional and three phase electric locos 09.02.2012
EL/ (AAL) Replacement of cooling fan bearing of 180kVA SIV of M/s AAL 03.02.2012
EL/ Implementation of Standardization Scheme in M/s Hind Rectifier make 180 kVA SIV 02.02.2012
2008/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Missing coaching electric loco links 24.01.2012
EL/3.1.35/2 (3-Ph) Revision of root wear limit on WAP-7 locomotives 06.01.2012
2011/Elect(TRS)/138/9 Allotment of POH/MTR and TM rewinding Capacity 2012-13 for electric locos 02.01.2012


EL/3.2.108 (3-Phase) Reliability of axle box bearing for WAG9/WAP7 21.12.2011
2011/Elect(TRS)/440/2 Inclusion of D&G charges in the RSP proposals 26.12.2011
Miscellaneous Tips for better Engineman-ship for Loco Pilots 04.10.2011
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/7 Formulation of JPOs for freight train operation with Traffic department 08.06.2011
EL/3.6.1 Review of periodicity of maintenance schedule of electric locos 25.04.2011


2007/Elect(TRS)/441/6 Opening of brazed terminals of Battery charger ammeter shunt 19.11.2010
2007/Elect(TRS)225/10 Misc. Brake feel & Continuity tests on trains by Loco Pilots 09.11.2010
2008/Elect(TRS)/113/2 (Fog Safe) Use of GPS based Fogsafe device on Electric locos / EMUs 01.11.2010
2002/Elect(TRS)/440/18/9 Pt.

Horizontal keeper pin for retaining vertical pin of nose suspension mounting for Traction Motors

2009/Elect(TRS)113/2 Use of Mobile Phone during train run  13.10.2010
2009/Elect(TRS)/113/2 Incidences of Signal over-shooting by Loco Pilots (LPs) 08.10.2010
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Rain water protection and working of wiper and sanders on electric locos 21.09.2010
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Winter preparedness drive 20.09.2010
2007/Elect(TRS)/412/2 (SEC) Expenditure on energy/Fuel consumption on electric/diesel traction 20.09.2010
2003/Elect(TRS)/225/7 Pt. Monitoring of duty hours of Running staff on run 14.09.2010
2007/Elect(TRS)/412/2 Pt. (SEC) Specific energy consumption (SEC) on electric traction on Zonal Railways 13.09.2010
2009/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding and Targets for Sep?2010



2007/Elect(TRS)/441/21 3-Ph Pt. Failure of brake hanger of WAP-7 electric locos 31.08.2010
NIL Equipment failure for the month of June2010 05.08.2010
2009/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding & Targets as on 01.08.10 03.08.2010
2010/Elect(TRS)/138/2 Minutes of the Chief Electric Engineers? Conference 02.08.2010
-- Punctuality loss detail for the month of June 2010 19.07.2010

Punctuality loss analysis for the month June 2010

-- Equipment failures for the month of  May 2010 07.07.2010
-- Punctuality loss analysis for the month May 2010 07.07.2010
-- Punctuality loss detail for the month of May 2010 07.07.2010
2009/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding & Targets as  on 01.07.10 02.07.2010
2009/ Elect(TRS)/441/4 Assembly of new electric locos in Workshops 21.06.2010
2004/Elect(TRS)/440/19 TPWS on electric locos - installation and maintenance 09.06.2010
2008/Elect(TRS)/113/5 Pt. Fire incidences on electric locos - maintenance drive 07.06.2010
2009/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding & Targets as  on 01.06.10 02.06.2010
-- Punctuality loss cases April 2010 15.05.2010
RDSO EL/3.2.30

Standardization of maintenance kits & rehabilitation/reconditioning Policy for N-32 tap changer used on conventional electric locos


Up-gradation/modification of  single  bottle  VCBs  type  BVAC 25.10 (Older version)  and  BVAC 25.10 M07 (Old)of  Secheron  design  supplied  by   M/s  BT  to  VCBs  type   BVAC  25.10. M07 (New)

2009/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding Target for May 2010 04.05.2010
2009/Safety(A&R)/19/29 Use of Walkie-Talkie sets 10.03.2010
Nil Punctuality analysis for the month Mar?10 Mar'2010
Nil Equipment failures for the month Mar`10 Mar'2010
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/17 Condemnation of overaged electric locos 19.04.2010
2009/Elect.(TRS)/441/3 Procurement of 1000 Nos. Vigilance Control Device Sactioned in Supplementary Budget 2009-10 12.04.2010
2003/Elect(TRS)/440/1 Pt. Integrity of BP & FP circuit on electric locomotives 05.04.2010
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Summer and Monsoon preparedness 04.03.2010
Nil Comparative Equipment Failure E&R Jan-2010 01.03.2010
Nil Punctuality loss analysis for Jan-2010 01.03.2010
2010/Elect(TRS)/138/2 Minutes of CELEs? conference held at ELS/BZA, SCR on 22.01.2010 22.02.2010
2006/C&IS/WP 2007-08/DSS/18

Transfer of the Work of ?Central Railway ? Decision Support System for electric loco maintenance and operational management? PB Item no. 39 of 2009-10 from Central Railway to Northern Railway

No.2009/Elec(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding target for Martch - 2010 04.03.2010
97/Elect(TRS)/440/18/44(3-ph) Pt. Failures of traction housing and link flange /bolts in 3 phase locos 18.01.2010
98/Safety(A&R)/19/16 Precautions for the Safety of Passengers in Rear SLR during fog 16.01.2010
2006/Elect(TRS)/441/11 Pt. Healthiness of VHF sets given to loco pilots and guards 14.01.2010
EL/3.6.1/3 Sources for repair/rehabilitation/overhauling of major equipment of electric locomotives 08.01.2010
2009/Elect(TRS)/441/3 Transfer f HS15250 A TM armatures and stators 07.01.2010
2002/Elect(TRS)/113/13 Extraction of data from ESMON at the time of accidents 05.01.2010


2009/M(L)/466/2 (19) Policy Policy in regard to premature condemnation of locomotives damaged in accidents. 23.12.2009
2009/Elect(TRS)/138/10 Allotment of POH/MTR and TM rewinding capacity for 2010-11 for electric locomotives. 29.12.2009


Punctuality details for the month of December 2009 Dec'2009
98/Safety(A&R)/19/16 Precautions for Train operation during Fog 07.12.2010
2007/Elect(TRS)/138/9 Pt. Development of test set up for Signal conditioning cards (SAP) 19.11.2009
2002/Elect(TRS)/113/13 Extraction of data from ESMON at the time of acciednts 09.11.2009
E(MPP)2009/3/36 Revised Training Module for Loco Pilots (Goods) 26.10.2009
2007/Elect(TRS)440/4 Uniform costing of POH of electric locos in workshops 23.10.2009
E(W)2009/WE/5/8 Nominated Senior Welfare Inspectors (SWI) exclusively for Loco pilots (LPs) and Assistant Loco Pilots (ALPs) 23.10.2009
2009/Elect(TRS)/441/3 Re-distribution for conversion of plain suspension bearing to roller on TAO-659 traction Motors. 12.10.2009
2005/Elect(TRS)/113/6 Report of CRS / Southern Circle on rear collision of MEMU train no. M165 with Passenger train no. 355 on SC Rly on 30.09.08. 01.10.2009
99/RS(IC)/165/SRC Pt.2 Revised list of safety items for electric locos 09.09.2010
94/Elect.(TRS)/441/1 Pt.III Eligibility criteria for award of works contracts to undertake repairs/rehabilitation of equipment of electric locomotives, EMUs/MEMUs and AC TL coaches including power cars 09.09.2009
2004/M(L)/466/7101 Practical Loco Handling training before promotion of LP(Goods) 31.08.2009
2004/M(L)/466/7101 Prevention of accidents on crew account 20.08.2010
2008/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Simulator training of newly promoted loco pilots. 20.08.2009
94/Elect.(TRS)/441/1 Pt.III. Eligibility criteria for award of work contracts to undertake repairs_rehabilitation of equipment of electric locomotives, EMU/MEMUs and AC/TL coaches including power cars 06.08.2009
2009/Elect(TRS)/155/1 Training of Loco Pilots for proper communication. 16.07.2009
2004/M(L)/466/7101 Monitoring of breach of rest and 10 hours duty rules. 14.07.2009
E(MPP)/2009/3/26 Introduction of Training Modules for training of Loco Inspectors (Diesel and Electric) 13.07.2009
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Reliable power supply to crew Management System (CMS) 25.06.2009
2007/Elect(TRS)/138/9 Pt Procurement of Crown Gear Coupling (Hurth Coupling) and membrane for WAP-5 electric locos 15.06.2009
E(MPP)/2009/3/14 Revised Training Program for Assistant Loco Pilots. 05.06.2009
97/Elect.(TRS)/113/4 Pt. Approval of Sources for procurement of safety items pertaining to electric locos 15.04.2009
2008/Elect.(TRS)/225/20 Reporting of abnormalities affecting mainline and sub urban operation 06.02.2009
2008/Elect(TRS)/441/5 Pt. Provision of VCDs on electric locos. 04.02.2009
2003/Elect.(TRS)/440/12 Pt. Fitness of WAP-4 class of electric locos at 140 kmph 09.01.2009


2004/Elect.(TRS)/440/40 Pt. Failure of electric loco wheels due to cracks  and guage widening 23.12.2008
2008/Elect.(TRS)/720/1 Manufacturing of wheel sets of conventional electric locos against sanctioned RSPs 22.12.2008
2007/Elect.(TRS)/138/9 Pt. Repair/ rehabilitation of electronic cards(PCBs) of three phase electric locos 16.12.2008
2000/Elect.(TRS)/113/2 Pt Nomination of different types of electric rolling stock for finalisation of fitment schmes of ACD and accessories 15.12.2008
EL/3.1.10/1 Schedule of crew friendly cab modification during POH of conventional electric locomotives 27.11.2008
2007/Elect.(TRS)/412/2 Pt. Reducing intensity of energy consumption in Rail Transport 18.11.2008
D.O. 2007/Elect.(TRS)/440/15/Pt. Operation of freight trains at maximum permissible speed 25.09.2008
2005/Elect.(TRS)/412/6 Pt. Classification of WAG-5 Locos in FOIS 23.09.2008
2005/Elect.(TRS)/480/2 Pt. Stores Depots for new Electric Loco and EMU Maintenance Sheds 16.09.2008
2008/Elect(TRS)/720/1 Pt. Selective Electrochemical metallising (DALIC) process for reclamation of TM armature shafts 16.09.2008
2008/Elect(TRS)/720/1 Wheel set for three phase electric locos 15.09.2008
EL/3.2.19/7 Re-hablitation of tri plate pheumatic panel of E-70 Brake system of 3-Phase Electric Locomotives 03.09.2008
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/17 Enhancing the speed of CC+6+2 T trains to 75 kmph 28.07.2008
2008/Elect(TRS)/155/1 Drive to counsel loco pilots on revised TSD for three phase locos 27.08.2008
2007/Elect.(TRS)/440/15 Planning for Running staff during XI plan 15.07.2008
2000/Elect(TRS)/440/6 Pt.II Deployment of WAM4 locos in MU formation in CONRAJ trains 14.07.2008
2008/Elect(TRS)/441/5 Conversion of plain suspension bearing to roller suspension bearing on TAO-659 Traction Motor 01.07.2008
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/8 Action plan for improving reliability of Static Inverters on electric locos 23.06.2008
2008/Elect(TRS)/441/5 Re-appropriation of spare and sanctions of DBRs on various Railways. 19.06.2008
2008/Elect(TRS)/441/5 Pt. Procurement of cast & fabricated bogies and traction motors for conventional and three phase electric locos 19.06.2008
2007/Elect(TRS)/138/5 GMs Conference held on 26th & 27th May'2008 in Railway Board 12.06.2008
EL/3.2.21 Cable Head Termination(CHT) for Electric locos and EMUs 11.06.2008
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/18/5 (3 Ph) Pt. Action plan for improving reliability of Rotors of 6FRA 6068 used in WAG9/WAP7 locomotives 27.05.2008
2004/Elect(TRS)/441/12 Transverse flexibility of Pantograph - Articulated system. 23.05.2008
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/17 Pt. Right powering of trains with 59 BOXN or 41 BCN wagons 21.05.2008
97/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Pt.II Procurement of material for electric locos from aproved sources 05.05.2008
2005/Elect.(TRS)/441/13 Adoption of tri-plate pneumatic brake panels on conventional electric locos 02.05.2008
2005/Elect(TRS)/441/7 Pt. Revised norms for Unit Exchange Spares for maintenance of AC conventional electric locos 28.04.2008
2007/Elec(TRS)/138/10 Decision on items of XXXIIth Maintenance Study Group meeting held at Garden Reach, SER, Kolkata on 10th & 11th Jan 08 31-03-2008
2008/Elect.(TRS)225/5 Pt. Running Shield for "Best Zone-Electrical Deptt." 05-03-2008
2007/Elec(TRS)138/1 Allotment of Electric Locomotives for MTR during 2008-09 28-02-2008
2007/Elect(TRS)412/2 Revised formats for reporting Electric loco performance in CEE's MCDO to ML 12-02-2008
2007/Elect.(TRS)/441/10 Upgradation/ modification of single bottle VCBs type BVAC 25.10. of Secheron design supplied by M/s AAL 06.02.2008
2005/Elect(TRS)440/18/5(3-Phase) Action plan for removing for improving liability of traction motor stators of 6FRA 6068 used in WAG9/WAP7 locomotives 21-01-2008


2005/Elect(TRS)/441/13 Adoption of Tri Plate Brake Panel in Electric locos 26-12-2007
2002/Elect(TRS)/113/1 Timely Communication of accidents/unusual occurences 12-11-2007
2007/Elect(TRS)/441/8 Pt. Current rating of traction motor for Electric Locomotives 07-11-2007
2005/Elect(TRS)/138/9 Pt. Report of the Committee to address issues concerning reliability/availability of three phase locos 22-10-2007
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/17 Condemnation of overaged electric  locomotives 03.09.2007
2002/Elect(TRS)/122/2 Rectification of defects on Electric locomotives on territorial basis 16-08-2007
2004/Elect(TRS)/412/6 Accountal of GTKMs through FOIS 25-07-2007
2002/Elect(TRS)/441/18/9 Sources for rehabilitation/overhauling of bogies for electric locomotives 19-07-2007
2006/Elect(TRS)/155/1 Bending/fracture of wheel discs of electric locos 29-06-2007
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Proper working of sanders on electric locos 20-06-2007
2007/Elect (TRS)/441/6 Electric loco batteries 16-04-2007
2005/Elect (TRS)/440/17 Right Powering of freight trains 13-04-2007
2005/Elect (TRS)/440/23 Summer and pre-monsoon preparedness. 04-04-2007
2007/Elec (TRS)/138/1 MTR of electric locomotives 29-03-2007
2006/Elect.(TRS)/155/1 Pt Wheel fracture on loco No.22586, WAP-$, SRC,SER 13-03-2007
98/Elect(TRS)441/4 Pt. Microprocessor based control and Fault Diagnostics system for electric locos. 22-02-2007
2003/Elect(TRS)440/4 Polyurethane paint on the body of electric locomotives 21-02-2007
2005/Elect(TRS)/441/14 Overhauling and reconditioning of DI/DU relays of electric locos from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) 12-01-2007
2006/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric loco holding as on 01.01.2007 and target for January 2007. 04-01-2007


97/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Pt II Approval of sources for procurement of material for electric locos. 28-12-2006
2006/Elect(TRS)/440/19 Change in the nomenclature of WAM4 locos(with 15:62 gear ratio) to WAM 4G for dedicated freight operations 12-12-2006
93/RS(G)/779/5 Pt II Operation of option clause in supply contracts 05-12-2006
2006/Elect.(TRS)/441/3 Distribution of fund for Bulk RSP and Green Book items for the year 2006-07 for electric locos(amendment ii) 16-11-2006
2006/Elect.(TRS)/138/1 Revised periodicity of POH and IOH schedule of WAP1 & WAP4 class of electric locos . 13-11-2006
No. 97/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Pt.II Approval of sources for procurement of material for electric locos 11-10-2006
No.2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Proper functioning of sanders on electric locomotives 21-09-2006
No.96/Elect(TRS)/113/8 Pt Proper functioning of microprocessor based speed-cum-energy monitoring on electric locos. 21-09-2006
No.2005/RS(G)/779/12 Procurement policy for signalling, telecommunications and electrical cables 14-09-2006
No. 96/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Pt.I Policy for approval of sources of loco spares 13-09-2006
No. 2006/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric loco holding as on 01-08-2006 and target for August 2006 03-08-2006
No. 99/RS(G)/709/4 Pt. I Procurement of items reserved to be purchased from RDSO approved firms 19-07-2006
No. 2006/Elect.(TRS)/132/1 Rehabilitation of N-32 Tap Changers in electric locomotives 19-07-2006
No. 2000/Elect.(TRS)/441/3(B)Pt. Procurement of Arno Converter for maintenance replacements 06-07-2006
No.2006/Elect(TRS)/440/10 Multi Disciplinary Task Force to study Asset failure, maintenance and recommending system of "Zero Defect Regime" 20-06-2006
E(NG)1-2006/PM7/12 Command Structure, promotion and seniority of loco running 02-06-2006
2001/Elect(TRS)/440/5 Movement of Dead Locomotives 12-07-2006
93/Elect(TRS)/441/1 Pt.II

Policy for undertaking repair/rehabilitation and procurement of equipments of electric locos.


Procurement of DBR by CLW.

2006/Elect(TRS)/440/7 3-phase

Provision of wheel set trolley (Towing Equipment) for moving 3-phase locos with wheel locked.

2002/Elect(TRS)/441/1 Pt. III

Approval of Draft Specification in Board's Office.


Disribution of funds for Bulk RSP and Green Book items 2006-07.

2005/Elect(TRS)/440/17 pt Right Powering of Freight Trains on Electric Traction. 23-12-2005


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 24-06-2014  

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