Tourism Circulars


Letter No. 


Issued Date Circular No.
2010/Tourism/140/5 Bharat Tirth Trains. 31.01.2011 CC-6 of 2011


Letter No. 


Issued Date Circular No.
2004/Tourism/140/1 Master circular for booking of charter trains on Hill Railways. 09.09.2010 CC-44 of 2010
2009/TG-III/647/14 Catering service and charges for Duronto Super Fast Express Trains 25.05.2010 CC-26 of 2010


2009/TG-III/647/14 Catering service and charges for SBC-HWH Duronto Express trains. 24.12.2009 CC-72 of 2009
2004/Tourism/140/1 Fixation of Charter Rates on Hill Railways 12.02.2009 CC-8 of 2009


2002/Tourism/140/2 DHR-special chartere rates 10.04.2008


Policy on Luxury Tourist Trains being operated or to be operated in association with State Tourism Departments or IRCTC 07.03.2008 CC-14 of 2008
2005/Tourism/125/2 Joint Procedure for online booking of Fairy Queen 05.03.2008
1995/Tourism/110/2 POW tariff structure in Indian Rupees instead of US $ 26.02.2008


2000/TG-I/20/N/14 Clarifications on the policy of earmarking of berths on demand from IRCTC for Value Added Tours (VAT) 28.09.2007 CC-86 of 2007
No.TC-II/2033/2006/Policy. Revision of existing haulage rates and other charges for booking of Special Coaches and Special Trains. 16.02.2007 CC-18 of 2007
No.TC-II/2033/2006/Policy Variable Fare Scheme under Dynamic Pricing Policy –Other charges for Special Trains/ Special Coaches during Busy Season . 01.03.2007 CC-21 of 2007
TC-II/2033/2006/IRCTC Exemptions to IRCTC for booking of Special coaches/special trains 28.08.2007 CC-78 of 2007
2005/Tourism/125/2 Running of the Fairy Queen during the tourist season 2007-08 30.07.2007


Exemptions to special trains like Bharat Darshan Trains, Mahaparinivan Trains, Luxury Trains and special charter hill trains 13.09.2007
Brief on General Sales Agent of the Indian Railways
2005/Tourism/140/19 Running of Luxury Tourist Train by IRCTC 29.11.2007
TC-II/2033/2007/Review Review of charges for Booking of special coaches and special trains at full tariff rates 09.10.2007 CC-89 of 2007
2005/Tourism/140/12 Pt. Tourism product and services 14.08.2007
2006/Tourism/140/11 Tourist facilitation centres at Railway Stations 13.11.2007


2006/Tourism/305/1  Buddhist SpecialTourist Train (Rajdhani Rake) 09.11.2006
2000/TG.I./20/N/14 Policy on earmarking of berths on demand fron IRCTC for Value Added Tour Packages 27.10.2006 CC-92 of 2006
2005/Tourism/140/2 Tariff for MG luxury tourist train 13.02.2006
2006/Tourism/140/11 Tourism Policy 17.01.2006 CC-4 of 2006